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Chord Electronics Ltd is a UK manufacturer of world-leading high-performance hi-fi and audio products. Since 1989, from the Pump House, a spectacular riverside facility in Kent, England, Chord Electronics has been creating some of the finest two channel, portable Hi-Fi and professional audio equipment in the world.

Leading the way through innovation, Chord Electronics is at the forefront of its field and one we whole recommend having a demonstration on here at Reference Audio.

The Range

33 Products
0Chord ElectronicsULTIMA Pre 3£6,000.000Chord ElectronicsULTIMA£35,000.000Chord ElectronicsULTIMA Pre£35,000.000Chord ElectronicsULTIMA 2£21,000.000Chord ElectronicsULTIMA 3£11,500.000Chord ElectronicsULTIMA 5£11,000.000Chord ElectronicsULTIMA 6£7,500.00Chord ElectronicsULTIMA Pre 2£13,995.000Chord ElectronicsCPA 3000£6,900.00Chord ElectronicsChoral - Stand System£1,595.00Chord ElectronicsÉtude£4,750.00Chord ElectronicsPrima£4,250.000Chord ElectronicsSymphonic£3,495.00Chord ElectronicsDave£10,495.00Chord ElectronicsTToby - EX DEMO SILVER - Please call£2,250.00Chord ElectronicsHugo M Scaler - Ex Demo£2,995.00Chord ElectronicsHugo M Scaler£3,495.00Chord ElectronicsHUGO TT 2£3,995.00Chord ElectronicsHUGO TT 2 - EX DEMO£3,395.00Chord ElectronicsQutest System Stand£265.00Chord ElectronicsANNI£1,300.00Chord ElectronicsHuei£1,150.00Chord ElectronicsQutest£1,195.00Chord ElectronicsHugo 2 Slim Case£50.00Chord ElectronicsHugo 2 2go Premium Leather Carry Case£109.95Chord ElectronicsHugo 2 2go Premium Leather Case£99.95Chord Electronics2yu£450.00Chord Electronics2go£995.00Chord ElectronicsHugo 2£2,100.00Chord ElectronicsMojo 2 Poly Premium Leather Case£80.00Chord ElectronicsMojo 2 Premium Leather Case£45.00Chord ElectronicsPoly£395.00Chord ElectronicsMojo 2£395.00

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