Hi-Fi Demo Facilities

We have multiple demo rooms of various sizes to help accommodate different systems to give you a clear picture of how the equipment you are listening to will be in your own home.

Acoustically Treated Listening

We're never going to replicate your living room/music room. Exact sizes, furnishings and/or seating do have big impact, however adopting the approach of not overly acoustically treating our rooms has allowed us to consciously let you hear the true signature of our equipment in a more real-world environment. This, combined with our years of passion for (most importantly) music, along with audio reproduction means we will be able to show you a system that will work perfectly for you in your own room.

The Reference Room

Our main demonstration room measuring 5.5m(w) x 11m(l) x 2.8m(h) means that we can show you full potential of some of the larger equipment we have, showcasing their ability to project a humongous image with exact, sharp, pin-point placement of vocals and instruments.

We've hosted incredible open days with very large systems in this room and have been supplemented by our other demo rooms, with amazing systems from from the industry and demonstrations of some of the finest audio electronics in the world for all to enjoy.

We then have a further three dedicated HiFi rooms on the first floor - along with a carpeted and heavily acoustically treated cinema depending on your listening preferences. These rooms are more in line with traditional size and here we can showcase our select range of class-leading speakers, amplifiers and sources from entry-level to reference-level systems designed for smaller rooms.

Further to this, we have a large showroom area to house our stretching range. We will always be able to find the right system to suit, no matter you requirement.