Atmosphere XL Satellite

The NEW Atmosphere Satellite is an outboard broadcast antenna that connects to Atmosphere Infinity with an included ethernet cable for increased signal strength as well as improved dispersion of Atmosphere’s signal throughout a listening room.

This is of particular benefit for larger rooms, rooms that preclude the use of a single Atmosphere placed in the one location where a single Atmosphere is most effective, directly between your two main speakers, and for users seeking maximum effect in small, medium and larger rooms. And when you are daisy-chaining one or more Satellites to a single Atmosphere Infinity, you dramatically upscale performance to realize each of Atmosphere’s different scene settings with greater clarity and character.

Who it’s for: People with difficult rooms that would otherwise compromise Atmosphere’s performance because of less than optimal placement options including rooms that preclude the use of a single Atmosphere between the two main speakers or anyone who wants to experience the ultimate from Atmosphere’s scenes as selected on the iPad control app.

Dimensions XL - 52″ tall (Base 9″ wide x 8.25″ deep)

Dimensions Mini - 14″ tall (Base 4.1″ wide x 4.1″ deep)