McIntosh MC901 on Permanent demo at Reference Audio

Reference Audio decided to go big by securing a pair of the newly released McIntosh MC901 power amps for permanent demo. They really need to be seen to be believed and the listening experience is even more dramatic.

Distributed by Fine Sounds in the UK who describe the MC901 as ‘a monobloc amplifier that drives a single speaker. But it is unlike any other monobloc amplifier. What makes the MC901 so unique is that it's two amplifiers combined into one. Adding to the uniqueness is that each amplifier is of differing design philosophies: the MC901 consists of a 300-Watt vacuum tube amplifier attached to a 600-Watt solid state amplifier on one unified chassis’.

The reasoning behind this valve/solid state monobloc power amplifier is to be able to drive bi-wireable or bi-ampable speakers from a single chassis comprising a 300-Watt vacuum tube portion to power the speaker's mid and upper drivers via eight KT88 output tubes, plus four 12AT7 and two 12AX7A signal tubes whilst the solid-state section delivers 600 Watts of dedicated power to the woofers.

These monsters measure some 445mm wide, 340mm high and 750mm deep and weigh in at 81.6Kg unboxed for each monobloc.

Please come and see them and hear them in action for a really unique experience.

Bob and Adam – Reference Audio