Is Reel to Reel the real thing?

Ever wondered what all the fuss is about when reviewers rave about Reel to Reel tape ? Well what you read is pretty much true, Reel to Reel machines, if serviced and well calibrated can deliver an analogue sound second to none. We don't unfortunately have any original pre-recorded tapes but we do have a number of tapes we have recorded ourselves from our CD collection and if more than a few of you express an interest Bob will bring his Revox B77 MkII and his Teac X-2000M machines into the main demo room at reference Audio one weekend soon where we can let you hear and decide for yourselves. Just let us know and we will arrange a date soon where you can hear them playing through some of our best amplifiers and speakers now on permanent demo at our store in Witham.

Please use either of the emails below to express your interest. We have plenty of off street parking.