B.audio Alpha One Integrated Streaming Amplifier


BOB’s Review Series - No 64 – B.audio Alpha Integrated Streamer Amplifier


We have been a fan of everything B.audio for some time and have been impressed with their DACs and amplifiers but until now there hasn’t been an integrated amplifier in the B.audio range. Not in their One range and not in their Reference range, so we were delighted when one arrived for demo in late ‘23. The Alpha One is however not just an integrated amplifier because it is also a high-quality streamer and DAC, a one box solution if you like and it also incorporates the built-in acoustic correction software seen in their other amplifiers.

The amplifier stage in the Alpha One is derived from their reference power amps with dual-mono design running in class AB mode capable of handling most speakers that it is likely to be paired with. It also incorporates B.audio’s acoustic correction software that has been seen in their other products.


  • 120w into 8 ohms and 200w into 4 ohms
  • Measuring 450mm wide x 395mm deep and 102mm high
  • It runs warm but not hot
  • It weighs in at a surprising and not inconsiderable 15.5kg
  • The internal DAC is based on a multibit delta sigma chip
  • The streamer can work with Qobuz, Tidal and Spotify and with Roon (providing you have a Roon Core located elsewhere on the same network)
  • It has analogue 2 inputs on RCA and 1 on XLR
  • Digital inputs include 1 SPDIF on RCA, 1 Optical Toslink, 1 AES/EBU on XLR and 1 USB.
  • Pre-out on XLR are also available.
  • UK Pricing to be confirmed but anticipated at around £15,000 inc VAT.


I listened to the Alpha One in streaming mode connected to a pair of Dali Epicon 2 standmount speakers and was immediately impressed by the dynamic delivery of this simple and domestically acceptable system. Streaming from Qobuz and using Roon (as normal a Roon Core is needed elsewhere on the same network) as a virtual library selection tool the sound was open and detailed but not overly bright which is a good thing for those long evening listening sessions. Even today some amplifiers, no matter the cost can sound too warm or dull whilst other are just too detailed and verging on fatiguing, but not the Alpha One which found that sought after centre ground of excitement without drawbacks. Even through the small Dali Epicon’s it generated significant bass, more than sufficient for most averaged sized UK rooms.

It performed effortlessly as a streamer with Roon finding it immediately and as a simple one box solution, just add speakers, it might just be what many of our customers are looking for as they set about decluttering from previous multi-box solutions.


This is a serious one box digital solution that should be high on anyone’s listening list and partnered with good quality standmount speakers or sensibly sized floor standers it could be all you will ever need.

Please call us to book a demo if you would like to hear the B.audio Alpha One in action.

January 2024

Bob – Team Reference Audio