Titan Audio

Hand built in norther Ireland, Titan Audio are forging a name for themselves in the mains cable market with their exquisite finish and build quality combined with a product that stands up to AB demos, it is not surprising the traction they have already made in a short amount of time.

The Range

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Titan AudioEros Mains Block£750.00Titan AudioHelios Mains Block£325.00Titan AudioNyx Mains Block£175.00Titan AudioNemesis Signature Mains Cable£2,500.00Titan AudioNemesis Mains Cable£1,500.00Titan AudioChimera Signature Mains Cable£1,250.00Titan AudioChimera Mains Cable£750.00Titan AudioEros Signature Mains Cable£650.00Titan AudioEros Mains Cable£450.0000Titan AudioHelios Signature Mains Cable£325.00Titan AudioHelios Mains Cable£225.00Titan AudioNyx Signature Mains Cable£175.00Titan AudioNyx Mains Cable£125.00