Manufacturers of seismic Subwoofers capable of bringing the movies to life.

Based in Youngstown, Ohio, and led by forward-thinking President and CEO, Gary Yacoubian, the SVS team is bound by a shared passion for creating world-class speakers, subwoofers and audio accessories, with no compromises.

Audiophiles, home theater enthusiasts and reviewers alike revere SVS products for delivering exhilarating audio performances Their passion for amazing sound quality is revealed in every 5-star review and award and is brought to life with every jaw-dropping, armrest-gripping sonic moment you experience!

SVS Product Design Philosophy

SVS products reflect a fusion of the best available technology, expert engineering, exhaustive anechoic and real-world testing, and most importantly, the SVS team’s unrelenting passion for audio excellence. The end goal is always to redefine performance for the price with every new speaker, subwoofer and audio accessory and to be a disruptive force that challenges the entire audio industry to step up its game.

From the stunning dynamics, revealing clarity and absolute transparency of our reference-grade loudspeakers, to the subterranean low frequency extension, effortless power, and unerring accuracy of our acclaimed subwoofers – award-winning SVS products guarantee a convincing, “like-being-there” experience with every listening session.

The Range

37 Products
00SVSUltra Evolution Nano£1,099.0000SVSUltra Elevation Speaker£1,099.0000SVSUltra Evolution Center£999.0000SVSUltra Evolution Bookshelf£1,499.0000SVSUltra Evolution Tower£3,599.0000SVSUltra Evolution Titan£4,999.0000SVSUltra Evolution Pinnacle£5,999.00SVSPrime Wireless Pro Soundbase£799.00SVSSB4000 - Ex-Demo£1,699.00SVSSoundPath Tri-Band Wireless Audio Adapter£199.00SVSSoundpath Wireless Audio Adapter£129.00SVSPrime Wireless Powered Speaker System£999.00SVSPrime Satellite 5.1 System£1,349.000SVSPrime Satellite 2.1 System£939.00SVSPrime Elevation Pair£569.00SVSPrime Satellite Pair£389.00SVSPrime Tower Pair£1,299.00SVSPrime Centre£499.00SVSPrime Bookshelf (Pair)£669.00SVSPrime Pinnacle (Pair)£1,999.00SVSUltra Surround (Pair)£1,329.00SVSUltra Centre£879.00SVSUltra Bookshelf (Pair)£1,349.00SVSUltra Tower (Pair)£2,999.00SVSPB16-Ultra£3,579.00SVSSB16-Ultra£2,899.00SVSPC-4000£2,499.00SVSPB-4000£2,699.00SVSSB-4000£2,169.00SVSPB-3000£1,899.000SVSSB-3000£1,419.00SVS3000 Micro£999.00SVSPC-2000£1,239.00SVSPB-2000 Pro£1,239.000SVSSB-2000 Pro£1,049.00SVSPB-1000 Pro£889.00SVSSB-1000 Pro£679.00