Sonus Faber

Italian manufacturer of handcrafted speakers blending sleek aesthetics with sonic bliss.

Founded in 1983 Sonus Faber are handmade musical instruments true to their Italian expertise. Sonus Faber achieve an unforgettable voice that immerses you in a natural sound experience that lets you get lost in the music and truly sit back and relax.

With Sonus Faber you are getting more than just a speaker but a piece of art as well, finished to the finest specifications and attention to detail. This is why Sonus Faber in their 40 year history have consistently produced iconic speakers, from the inception of the Amati Homage especially they have been synonymous with high end audio.

The Range

64 Products
0Sonus FaberAster£375.0000Sonus FaberVox G3£14,000.0000Sonus FaberGuarneri G5£13,000.0000Sonus FaberSerafino G2£22,000.0000Sonus FaberAmati G5£30,000.0000Sonus FaberStradivari G2£50,000.00Sonus FaberSonus Faber Omnia£1,599.00Sonus FaberSonetto Center II£1,900.00Sonus FaberOlympica Nova I£5,950.00Sonus FaberSonetto III£3,350.00Sonus FaberSonetto V£4,300.00Sonus FaberSonetto VIII£5,700.000Sonus FaberCarrara Stand£1,500.000Sonus FaberMinima Amator II£4,250.000Sonus FaberElecta Amator III£9,000.000Sonus FaberMaxima Amator£14,500.00Sonus FaberOlympica Nova W£3,500.00Sonus FaberOlympica Nova Centre I£4,500.00Sonus FaberOlympica Nova Centre II£6,500.00Sonus FaberOlympica Nova II£8,950.00Sonus FaberLumina V£2,499.00Sonus FaberLumina III£1,999.00Sonus FaberGravis VI£6,000.00Sonus FaberGravis V£4,250.00Sonus FaberGravis III£2,499.00Sonus FaberGravis II£1,199.00Sonus FaberPC-664P£1,999.00Sonus FaberPL-664£1,999.00Sonus FaberPW-662£1,249.00Sonus FaberPC-563 P£1,000.00Sonus FaberPL-563£1,000.00Sonus FaberOlympica Nova III - Ex Demo£8,950.00Sonus FaberOlympica Nova III£11,900.00Sonus FaberOlympica Nova V£14,900.00Sonus FaberGuarneri Tradition Stand£3,200.0000Sonus FaberIL Cremonese£44,000.00Sonus FaberIL Cremonese ex3me£50,000.00Sonus FaberLilium£62,500.00Sonus FaberAida£100,000.000Sonus FaberThe Sonus faber SE17£245,000.00Sonus FaberSonetto II£1,950.00Sonus FaberWireless Transmitter£399.00Sonus FaberOlympica Nova I Stand£995.00Sonus FaberGravis I£850.00Sonus FaberLumina Center I£649.00Sonus FaberLumina I£799.00Sonus FaberLumina II£999.00Sonus FaberSonetto Stand£450.00Sonus FaberSonetto Wall£950.00Sonus FaberSonetto Center I£950.00Sonus FaberOlympica Nova Centre I Stand£730.00Sonus FaberOlympica Nova Centre II Stand£730.00Sonus FaberPC-662£549.00Sonus FaberPC-662P£575.00Sonus FaberPC-682£625.00Sonus FaberPC-683£749.00Sonus FaberPL-664 Premium Kit£325.00Sonus FaberPW-662 Premium Kit£275.00Sonus FaberPS-G101£720.00Sonus FaberPC-562£299.00Sonus FaberPC-562 P£349.00Sonus FaberPC-582£399.00Sonus FaberPW-562£499.00Sonus FaberSonetto I£1,450.00

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