PMC reigns supreme throughout the leading mastering houses, broadcasters and much of the professional world, and this translates into their impressive home audio series.

Founded in 1991 by Peter Thomas of the BBC and Adrian Loader of FWO Bauch. The combination of knowledge and a life-long passion for music led to the production of PMC’s first product, the BB5-A, an active main studio monitor. This design was snapped up by the BBC Maida Vale and Metropolis Mastering and remains the world’s reference, used by Prince, Stevie Wonder’s Wonderland Studio, Hospital HDTV Broadcast London and for renowned classical labels such as Decca and Harmonia Mundi. Many of today’s movie themes have been crafted using PMC, from such eminent composers as Henry Jackman, Thomas Newman, Tyler Bates and John Debney.

PMC are one of the very few companies who have been awarded an Emmy® for their contribution to recording excellence. With film, it would be easier to list the blockbuster movies which did not use PMC during the process of music production and post! But titles include: Titanic, Mission Impossible, Captain Phillips, Pearl Harbor, Game of Thrones – TV, Iron Man 1& 2, Skyfall, Spiderman 1,2,3 and Pirates of the Caribbean and many many more.

PMC reigns supreme throughout the leading mastering houses, broadcasters and much of the professional world.

We believe a good loudspeaker should be able to relay the purest intentions of the artist without colouration – The ideal solution for both studio & home.

The Range

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00PMCci140 sub£3,895.0000PMCci140£4,495.0000000PMCci90slim£1,595.0000000PMCci65£2,095.0000000PMCci45£1,595.0000000PMCci30£1,095.00PMCPMC Twenty5.23i Oak Ex Demo£3,499.00PMCPMC Fact 12 - Ex Demo Walnut£13,950.00PMCTwenty5 stand£420.00PMCBRKT Wall bracket£255.00PMCDB1 Gold£1,540.00000PMCBB5-C SE£17,495.83PMCMB2-C SE£12,912.50000PMCIB2-C SE£9,995.8300PMCFact.12 signature£17,395.0000PMCFact.8 signature£10,495.00000PMCBB5 SE£34,995.83000PMCMB2 XBD SE£39,995.83000PMCMB2 SE£25,829.17000PMCIB2 SE£19,995.00PMCTwenty5 sub£4,495.00000PMCTwenty5 Ci£2,575.00000PMCTwenty5 26i£9,975.00000PMCTwenty5 24i£6,575.00000PMCTwenty5 23i£4,575.00000PMCTwenty5 22i£3,875.00000PMCTwenty5 21i£2,575.00