IsoTek is an English company making award-winning power optimisation products for hi-fi and home cinema systems.

Their highly specialised mains conditioners actively clean the power obtained from your wall sockets before it reaches your hi-fi or audio visual system, and Isotek range of power cables further enhance this improvement. IsoTek's solutions cover a wide range of systems, delivering significant upgrades in performance at competitive prices. IsoTek products are enjoyed worldwide and have earned numerous accolades from specialist audio and AV publications worldwide.

IsoTek are recognised as the leader in clean-power technology, a fact reinforced by the highly respected consumer electronics brands that have used IsoTek in the development and demonstration of their products, including Arcam, Denon, Genesis Advanced Technologies, Marantz, Monitor Audio, Nordost, Onkyo, Pioneer, PMC, Primare, Roksan and TEAC Esoteric. All IsoTek products are designed for purpose, manufactured in Europe and built to last.

The Range

30 Products
00000IsoTekEVO3 SEQUEL LINK CABLE£399.0000000IsoTekEVO3 OPTIMUM LINK CABLE£1,199.00IsoTek24 CT GOLD AUDIOPHILE£75.00IsoTekEVO3 INITIUM£99.00IsoTekEVO3 PREMIER£175.00IsoTekEVO3 SEQUEL£299.00IsoTekEVO3 ELITE£599.00IsoTekEVO3 OPTIMUM£1,199.00IsoTekEVO3 ASCENSION£3,499.00IsoTekEVO3 ISOPLUG£119.00IsoTekEVO3 MINI MIRA£349.00IsoTekEVO3 GEMINI£329.000IsoTekEVO3 POLARIS£575.00IsoTekEVO3 CORVUS£795.00IsoTekEVO3 SYNCRO UNI£699.00IsoTekEVO3 SYNCRO£1,999.000IsoTekEVO3 SIRIUS inc Premier Power Cable£795.000IsoTekEVO3 SIRIUS£695.00IsoTekEVO3 SIGMAS£3,795.00IsoTekEVO3 NOVA£7,995.00IsoTekEVO3 NOVA ONE£1,799.00IsoTekEVO3 TITAN ONE£2,399.000IsoTekEVO3 GENESIS ONE£2,999.00IsoTekEVO3 MOSAIC GENESIS£9,499.00IsoTekEVO3 SUPER TITAN 20A£12,995.00IsoTekEVO3 SUPER TITAN 32A£15,995.00IsoTekEVO3 SUPER NOVA£13,995.00IsoTekEVO3 GENESIS£19,999.00IsoTekV5 AQUARIUS£2,599.00IsoTekV5 TITAN£4,499.00

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