Estelon Loudspeakers

Since 2010 Estelon is providing the most luxurious loudspeakers to the high-end community. Acoustic excellence through sophisticated engineering, as well as high-quality components, are combined in order to accommodate the brilliance of Estelon sound reproduction systems. Decades of knowledge and experience allow us to produce loudspeakers with a truly rich natural sound, creating an unimaginable musical experience.

Estelon is today regarded as a leading innovator in the audio industry, having received multiple awards for its designs and technological innovations. Three times ‘Innovation Award’ at the Consumers Electronics Show (CES), and a prestigious ‘Red Dot Design Award’, are only the beginning of a very long list of achievements since 2010.

Today, the company’s loudspeakers are proudly owned by some of the world’s most eminent innovators and global leaders.

The Range

12 Products
00000EstelonAURA£16,500.000000EstelonYB Mk II£25,000.000000000EstelonX Centro Diamond Mk II£22,000.000000000EstelonX Centro Mk II£15,000.000000000EstelonX Diamond Mk II£72,500.000000000EstelonXB Diamond Mk II£52,250.000000000EstelonXB Mk II£38,500.000000000EstelonXC Diamond Mk II£37,500.000000000EstelonXC Mk II£27,950.000000EstelonForza£125,000.00EstelonExtreme MK II Limited Edition£215,000.00000EstelonExtreme Mk II£199,500.00