Chord Company has been designing, building (and refining) award-winning audio and video cables in England since 1985. Cables are not and never have been just an accessory. They are a vital part of any system and choosing the right cable is more important today than it has ever been. The correct interconnect, power or speaker cable can transform the experience and enhance the pleasure of your favourite music or movies.

Staffed by a dedicated team of music fans, music makers, movie-lovers and gamers, the company has grown steadily in size and stature. From a purpose-built HQ near historic Stonehenge in Wiltshire, the company has become internationally renowned for creating high-performance, value-for-money products to suit any level of system or budget.

The Range

52 Products
ChordShawlineX Speaker Cable£90.00ChordShawline Power Chord Mains Cable£250.00ChordShawline HDMI AOC 2.0 4k (18Gbps) Cable£220.00ChordShawline HDMI AOC 2.1 8k (48Gbps) Cable£250.00ChordShawline Streaming Cable£200.00ChordShawline USB Digital Audio Interconnect£180.0000000000ChordShawline Digital RCA / BNC Cable£180.00ChordShawline Analogue Subwoofer Cable£100.0000000000000ChordShawline Analogue DIN Cable£400.00ChordShawline Analogue XLR Cable£225.00000000ChordShawline Analogue RCA Cable£180.00ChordShawline Analogue Mini-jack/RCA cable£200.000000000000000000ChordClearwayX Speaker Cable£750.00ChordClearway Power Cable£125.00ChordClearway HDMI Cable£60.00ChordClearway Streaming Cable£80.00ChordClearway USB Cable£100.00000ChordClearway Digital RCA/BNC Interconnect£90.00ChordClearway Analogue mini-jack/RCA Cable£100.00000000000ChordClearway Analogue Subwoofer Cable£50.00ChordClearway Analogue DIN Interconnect£125.000ChordClearway Analogue XLR Interconnect£125.00000ChordClearway Analogue RCA Interconnect£90.00ChordC-screenX Speaker Cable£142.50ChordC-view HDMI cable£30.00ChordC-USB digital USB audio interconnect£50.00ChordC-stream digital streaming cable£40.00ChordC-lite digital optical audio interconnect£45.00ChordC-digital digital audio Interconnect£35.00ChordC-sub Analogue subwoofer cable£35.00ChordC-line Analogue RCA Interconnect£40.00ChordC-jack mini-jack/RCA Analogue Interconnect£40.00ChordEpic Stack Lead Premium£120.00ChordCream Instrument Cable Effect Link£45.00ChordCream Instrument Cable£55.00ChordIdeal T-Stripper Wire Stripper 0.75-6.0mm£24.47ChordPressmaster Tor Shield Stripper£64.62ChordChordOhmic Hex Gun£830.77ChordChordOhmic Silver 4mm Banana plug/Spade£8.00ChordBanana Plug - Screw Type£6.00ChordBanana Plug Kit - 4 Screw Type£24.00ChordLittle Trousers for C-Screen/Shawline£90.00ChordBig Trousers for Clearway/Epic£90.00ChordSarsen Speaker Cable£800.00ChordRumourX Speaker Cable£1,000.00ChordOdysseyX Speaker Cable£1,500.00ChordLeyline4X Speaker Cable (4-core)£1,520.00ChordLeyline2X Speaker Cable£760.00ChordChordOhmic Transmission Fluid£200.00ChordSilent Mount - Titanium SM5 (Pack of 4)£550.00ChordSilent Mount - Stainless SM5 (Pack of 4)£350.00ChordSilent Mount - Stainless SM7 (Pack of 4)£400.00

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